mobile studio

Mobile Photo Studio

Create, capture & share professional quality pictures on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Universal Selfie Stick – Capture selfie and group shots with this portable and easy-to-use device. Extends up to 30” and folds down to only 7”. This one-piece design features a one-click shutter to frame the perfect shot
  • 3-in-1 Clip Photo Lens Set
    • Macro Zoom Lens – Capture magnified close-up pictures without distortion. You will be amazed by the detail.
    • Wide Angle Lens – Capture more in a single shot by doubling the pictures range. Ideal for landscapes and group pictures.
    • Fisheye Lens – Take pictures with a 180-Degree range. Creates an amazing wrap-around perspective.
  • Ultra Bright 16 LED Photo Light
    • Cast a continuous powerful light in every setting
    • No more red eye
    • adjustable brightness levels – high/medium/low
    • Rechargeable battery – will not drain your battery
  • Flexible Tripod w/ Mount  -Set up the perfect picture with this flexible and durable tripod. The compact design is ideal for landscapes and portrait shots. Tripod includes a universal smartphone and camera mount for quick setup.
  • Bluetooth® Remote Trigger – No need to set a camera timer or use an app – simply set up your perfect picture then remotely trigger your camera shutter from up to 30 ft away.


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